Blue Bank Resort at Reelfoot Lake

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to visit and stay at Blue Bank Resort at Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee.  First off, if you’ve never fished Reelfoot Lake then you are missing out.  It is a great destination for crappie, bluegill, bass, and catfish.  If you don’t have a boat, there are multiple guides to accommodate you. 

While staying at Blue Bank Resort, I spoke with the co-owner, Drew Hays. He informed me that Blue Bank Resort is a fifth-generation owned.  “This is one of the most consistent crappie lakes in the country,” said Hays.  “We have three crappie guides that we use consistently, but another ten that is utilized off and on,” For a guided crappie fishing experience, it costs $400 a day for two people.  Hays said, “You will go out around eight in the morning and fish until around three.  During bluegill season, people may go out earlier to try to beat the heat, then come in a little earlier.” 

Blue Bank Resort offers guided duck hunts as well.  Hays informed me that you won’t even need waders! The blinds are equipped with heaters, couches, televisions, and some even have wireless internet.  Duck hunts are $400 per day, per person, it includes a hotel room and dinner each night in the restaurant.  During my stay, I ate at the restaurant and the food was phenomenal.  Hays said, “Right now, I think we are the only restaurant on the lake that has a full bar.” They offer everything from steaks to seafood.  During duck season, Hays mentioned that the restaurant will even serve Wagyu steak, providing a wide variety of food for everyone.

“We have cabins and hotel rooms with a total of thirty-two units. Sleeping anywhere from two people to twenty people. We have a whole cabin all to itself that sleeps fifteen to twenty people and it’s equipped with two kitchens and three bathrooms,” said Hays.  He also informed me that they are able to accommodate large groups including family reunions, wedding parties, and more. 

“The busiest time of the year for the restaurant is duck season, but for the resort is during spring.  We fill up every bed and if someone wants to get a room, they need to book by the end of December to guarantee this year’s prices. A person really needs to book at least four months ahead during the spring if at all possible,” explained Hays.  He informed me that they are open year-round and are looking at getting an events building.  For events, they offer food packages that include the traditional Reelfoot with country ham, fish, chicken, and white beans all the way up to a five-course meal. 

Blue Bank Resort host multiple events throughout the year.  One of the biggest events is their arts and crafts festival during the third week in June, which is separate from Reelfoot Lake arts and crafts festival which occurs during the first week in October. They also host the Monarch butterfly festival that usually occurs during the second week in October.  “Our butterfly garden will be absolutely full of Monarch butterflies,” said Hays.  They also have live music every weekend, but during August they host the live-on-the-lake event.  The band will be on the lake and guests can listen to the band while on the water.  Due to my festive spirit, one of the main things I noticed during my stay were the Christmas decorations, which I think is a definite must-see.  Hays also mentioned that a fireworks show is also put on during the fourth of July. More family-friendly attractions in the area include Discovery Park which is located in Union City, Tennessee (approximately thirty minutes away).

Blue Bank Resort is located at 813 Lake Drive in Hornbeak, Tennessee. The best way to book a guided fishing or duck hunting trip is to call Blue Bank Resort at (731) 538-2112.