Record Crappie on Wappapello Lake

Having fished Wappapello Lake most of my life, I know how rare a two-pound crappie is on the lake. However, Tim Shaffer defied all odds when he landed this giant 4.29 pound, 18.75″ crappie on February 20, 2024.

I asked Shaffer about the equipment he used to land this crappie! “I vertical jig with two 11′ fly rods with fly reels,” said Shaffer. He also added, “I don’t have a livescope or anything like that. I’ve got a little ole bitty depth finder on the front that costs about $100.” Shaffer informed me that this time of the year, he likes to use 1/4 ounce jig heads paired with a MidSouth tube. “I’ve used MidSouth jigs ever since they started making them.” I asked Shaffer how long the fight took to finally land the fish, and he responded, “He made a run and came up beside the boat. At first, I thought it was a Drum. I had to work it around the boat for five minutes or so. I don’t carry a net, so I had to grab it by the mouth and missed it the first time. When I got it in the boat, I was just done!”

After landing the fish, Shaffer informed me that the fish was put on the postal scale used to weigh minnows at The Corner Store at Wappapello Lake and came out to 4.29 pounds. Next, the Missouri Department of Conservation advised him to take the fish to Millies at Wappapello Lake and use their scale for a second reference. “It came out to 4.30 pounds there,” added Shaffer.

Shaffer stated the fish is going to mounted as it’s a once in a lifetime fish!