Tiny’s Bait and Tackle

By: Matt Foster

Are you looking for some hand-tied jigs with a bit of flair? Kenneth Urbahns, with Tiny’s Bait and Tackle, started tying jigs, April 2021 after watching a guy on Lake Fork crappie fish on YouTube. Urbahns said, “I have always enjoyed crafting things. I tie a bit thicker and longer than most. The thickness allows for quieter water entry on a direct vertical drop and more hair for movement. This allows for the fisherman to have a larger profile, but they can easily trim it down when a smaller profile is needed. By doing so, they can get a couple different visual profiles out of the same jig.” Urbahns sent me a few of his hand-tied jigs to try out, and I was really impressed with the amount of hair on them.

I asked Urbahns what his best-selling jig weight was and he replied, “The best weight is hard to say. I can offer anything from 1/100 once up to 3/4 ounce. I can also offer specialized jig heads such as 1/4 ounce with a number six hook or 1/8 ounce with a number eight hook. This would be helpful for when you need the weight but you also need a small bite profile.” The body on the jigs isn’t done with the traditional chenille, but Urbahns uses pipe cleaners instead. According to Urbahns, this adds not only weight but body fullness to the jig and allows it to enter the water more aerodynamically than one tied with chenille. I asked Urbahns what his best-selling color was. “Color is also a hard question since I offer fifteen different head colors one of those being June Bug. I’m currently testing scent impregnated hair jigs and I’m looking at a possible hand tie soft plastic combination,” replied Urbahns.

Urbahns said, “The best way to order is either by phone call or text message at 662-614-2648 or email at tinysjigs@yahoo.com.” Urbahns added, “If a store would like to carry my product I prefer they call me at 662-614-2648.” Tiny’s Bait and Tackle is making its way in several big-name retail stores. “My product can be currently found at Grizzly Jig Company in Caruthersville, Missouri; Honey Hole Tackle located in West Monroe, Louisiana; Cooters at Lake D’arbone; Crappie Depot in Batesville, Mississippi; PTG Outdoors in Grenada, Mississippi; Nana’s Baitshop located in Sardis, Mississippi; Lazy J’s Tackle in Claremore, Oklahoma; Tackle Box in Campbellsville, Kentucky; Craig’s Sporting Goods in Shelbyville, Illinois; and Valley Bait and Tackle in Cascade Lake, Idaho,” said Urbahns. “I’ve been blessed to grow fast and Tiny’s hand ties are riding in boats with amateur and professional fisherman all over the United States. I also have a growing Bass, Bluegill, and Walleye line.”

For more information on how you can purchase Tiny’s Bait and Tackle or if you want to stock them in your retail store, give Kenneth Urbahns a call at (662) 614-2648.