By: Matt Foster

Recently, at the Brushpile Fishing Media Camp, I had the opportunity to take SLIME LINE Owners Kaleb Page and Ashleigh Warren crappie fishing on beautiful Dale Hollow Lake.  While fishing, I asked them about the SLIME LINE brand.  Page informed me that he started the SLIME LINE brand in 2017, and they are based out of Roxboro, North Carolina.  When Page and Warren boarded my boat, they asked what line I was currently using.  I explained to them that I wasn’t brand loyal to any type of fishing line.  Little did I know, that was about to change. 

I explained to Page and Warren that I have tried all types of lines from braid and monofilament, to fluoro-carbon, and even Nano-fil. Warren asked if I had ever tried any SLIME LINE and I said, “No.”  Warren handed me a spool of SLIME LINE Super Stretch six-pound line.  I spooled the line onto three different rods that we were using that day.  Immediately, I noticed that the line didn’t bunch up and kink, like most fishing lines I have tried.  The spool had a plastic clip around it to keep my line from coming off the spool. This plastic clip also allows the line to be reeled off the spool more easily. However, after using many different types of lines throughout the years, I was still a little skeptical.  We were dock shooting and casting, so this six-pound SLIME LINE Super Stretch was about to be put to the test. 

I located a pile of crappie just underneath a dock and loaded my rod back.  I released the jig and sailed it underneath the dock in the exact spot I was aiming.  The SLIME LINE spooled off my rod perfectly and didn’t twist like I’ve experienced with some fishing line.  Most monofilament line, from being on a spool for lengthy amounts of time, forms a memory; this line didn’t. I caught a one-and-a-half-pound black crappie and flipped it in the boat.  Before I could get the fish in the boat, Page had his rod loaded and shot his jig underneath the dock in the same spot.  He pulled in a two-pound crappie with ease.  Warren then placed her jig in the same spot and pulled out a pound and three-quarter black crappie, flipping it into the boat. We fished the rest of the day catching multiple crappie underneath the dock without a single line break, twist, coil, or fray. I was definitely sold on SLIME LINE!

I asked Warren what different types of fishing lines they had to offer.  Warren explained they offer five different types of line.  SLIME LINE Hi-Vis Green comes in four-pound to sixty-pound test in 325-yard spools.  Their SLIME LINE Ultra Clear four-pound to fifty-pound comes in 325-yard spools.  SLIME LINE Super Stretch is available in four-pound to ten-pound in 325-yard spools.  Their SLIME LINE Hi-Vis Orange is available in four-pound to fifty-pound test in 325-yard spools.  They also offer a SLIME LINE Heavy Cover Leader Line in fifty, eighty, and one-hundred-pound test. Bulk spools are available in quarter-pound and half-pound spools, with test weights from four-pound to ten-pound in Hi-vis green.  SLIME LINE Hi-Vis green and orange twenty-pound test are available in a half-pound bulk spool and thirty to sixty-pound test is available in a one-pound spool.

After spooling my spider rigging poles with the SLIME LINE Hi-Vis green, I noticed that it was brighter than most of the high visibility lines that I’ve used in the past.  I asked Page if they did anything different to the line.  Page said, “When SLIME LINE is in its liquid state, the colorant is introduced.  Infusing the line with the colorant, prevents fading and allows the line to last longer.” For single pole live-scoping, I have been using SLIME LINE Super Stretch six-pound test. I have hauled multiple fish into the boat without a single issue.

If you haven’t yet, I suggest you pick up some SLIME LINE fishing line and give it a try.  If you are a dealer, they have a wholesale tab on their website to make ordering easy for you.  Visit their website at and pick out the SLIME LINE you need! Be sure to use promotion code, “crappieblog” at checkout to save 10% off your purchase.

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