Long Branch Guide Service

By: Matt Foster

Have you ever wanted to learn a new technique for catching crappie, but weren’t sure where to start? Or maybe you just wanted to re-stock your fillet supply. Guides possess a wealth of knowledge when it comes to crappie fishing and Tim Howell of Long Branch Guide Service is no exception!

Long Branch Guide Service is owned and operated by Tim Howell. Located in northwest Mississippi, he offers first-class guided crappie fishing on some of the country’s best crappie lakes in the country. Howell has been guiding full-time on Arkabutla, Sardis, Enid, and Grenada lakes in Mississippi for eight years and crappie fishing most of his life. Being on the water on nearly a daily basis has given Howell the knowledge needed for locating and putting his clients on giant Mississippi crappie. Howell noted that he determines what lake to take clients based on information from not only personal experience, but from other crappie guides as well. Howell also mentioned that most days after guiding clients, he will hit the water again, scouting and locating crappie for tomorrow’s clients.

Howell offers multiple day trips and is able to accommodate large groups. “I have four or five people that work for me full-time so we are able to take on large groups,” said Howell. Just last week Long Branch Guide Service hosted a bachelor party fishing trip. I then asked Howell the age-old question. What’s the best time to book a trip? Howell laughed and said, “That’s the number one question I get asked. Up until last year and this year, I would say the most consistent time is from May to October. Everyone wants to come during the spawn, but the best times are during May through October.”

For lodging, Howell recommended Rustic Rentals at Enid Lake. “They have four cabins just before you get into Cossar State Park. The cabins are really nice and have covered boat sheds, wifi, and a BBQ grill,” said Howell.

To book a trip with Long Branch Guide Service, a $100 deposit is required. A one-day trip costs $450 for two people. However, to get the full experience, Howell said, “It’s best if someone has two days booked back to back.” He elaborated by saying, “If it’s someone’s first time they are learning on the first day and by the second day they’ve got it down.” His cancellation is set up to where clients can reschedule within the calendar year or the following year, with a non-refundable deposit. Howell informed me he keeps a close eye on the weather and will contact the clients to let them know about inclement weather and when they can reschedule if needed.

The best way to book a trip is to give Howell a call at (662) 251-5625 or message Long Branch Guide Service on Facebook. “We will meet in the morning around 6:15 and then hit the water around 6:45. We fish until 1:30 or 2:00, but usually, fish until we’ve got a limit,” said Howell. During the trip, you will be utilizing eight ACC Crappie Stix along with Brushpile Jigs and Grenada Lake Tackle to haul fish in Howell’s Skeeter ZXR21. Howell said, “I supply everything but a Mississippi fishing license and they will need to bring their own food, drink, and rain gear. I provide life jackets, rods, and all the tackle.” After the trip, Howell cleans the crappie and packages them for the clients to take home.

If you’re interested in booking a guide trip to one of the top crappie fishing lakes in the country give Long Branch Guide Service a call.

Tim Howell- Long Branch Guide Service (662) 251-5625