K9 Fishing Products

In today’s fishing industry, the amount of different fishing line companies can be somewhat overwhelming. Not to mention, the different types of line, colors, and choices like, do I choose monofilament, fluorocarbon, or braid? I recently had the pleasure of speaking to Kelly Albert of K9 Fishing Products about their lineup of fishing lines and gear. Braided fishing line has become a popular choice among anglers in recent years due to its superior strength and sensitivity. However, you may choose to use a clear or hi-vis fluorocarbon and they have it too!

Since being founded in 2016, out of Hendersonville, Tennessee, K9 Fishing Products had one goal, and that was creating a fluorocarbon line with low memory. Albert said, “After fishing competitively for decades, I wasn’t happy with the performance or pricing of current lines on the market. I sought out experts to create what I considered a great performing line at an affordable price point.”

Albert said, “We have several top-selling lines. Crappie Braid along with our 6lb Hi-Vis Fluorocarbon are the two most popular in the crappie market.” K9 Fishing Products offers braided line from five-pound test all the way to sixty-pound test. Their Original K9 Fluorocarbon is available from four-pound to twenty-five-pound test and is, not 100% fluorocarbon, which was done for a reason. Original K9 fluorocarbon does have more stretch or “give” on the hookset. This allows the fish that extra second to get the bait, resulting in better hookups. Combine this with incredible strength, you have a winning combination.

Their K9 Pro 100 is a very high-end 100% fluorocarbon. Designed to have minimal memory for a 100% fluoro, but retain optimal strength. Abrasion resistance is very high as well as sensitivity. This line also has minimal stretch and is fast sinking. K9 Pro 100 is available from six-pound to twenty-pound test. “There are a few new products we are introducing, addressing requests from the catfish crowd as well as heavy braids for the Alaskan Halibut guides,” said Albert. He also mentioned that “There have been countless tournaments won using K9 lines. One of the most popular guides and National Champion crappie fishermen is Eric Cagle. Eric has been with K9 for many years.”

“One thing that sets K9 Fishing Products apart from others is a personal relationship with our customers. Many of our products came from requests in the field. We listen to what fishermen need or want,” said Albert. The best way to order K9 Fishing Products is on their website at, www.k9fishing.com. For stores looking to carry any of the K9 Fishing Products, email info@k9fishing.com get yourself some K9 Fishing Line, and as their motto says, “Don’t Whine, Throw K9!”