Improving the Quality of your Fishery with Mossback Fish Habitat!

Mossback Fish Habitat is an innovative artificial structure designed to enhance the underwater environment and improve overall fish habitat. Founded in 2010 by David King, this product has become increasingly popular among anglers and fisheries managers as an effective way to promote fish growth and reproduction. Mossback Fish Habitat is made from environmentally friendly materials that mimic the natural habitat of fish, like trees and brush piles. These structures are designed to provide cover, shelter, and a place for fish to spawn and lay eggs. By placing these structures in lakes, rivers, and reservoirs, fisheries managers can help to create a healthy ecosystem that supports the growth and development of fish populations.

I know most of you reading this article are probably thinking, I can make my own structure to put in my favorite fishing hole and without a doubt, you can, as I did for years. However, there are numerous reasons why you would choose Mossback Fish Habitat over natural habitat or artificial.

Compared to Natural Habitat: 

  • MossBack Fish Habitat does not deteriorate and doesn’t add biomass to your pond decreasing water depth. 
  • Lures and hooks do not get permanently hung up causing line breakage.
  • MossBack Fish Habitat does not need to be replaced every few years.
  • MossBack Fish Habitat works well in conjunction with natural habitats and designing specific fish habitat goals for your pond and fishery.
  • MossBack Fish Habitat is much less labor-intensive to acquire and deploy.
  • A South Dakota State University study (An Evidence-based Approach to Habitat Management) showed a significantly higher Largemouth Bass catch rate fishing over MossBack Fish Habitat compared to natural habitat. 

Compared to Other Artificial Habitat:

  • MossBack Fish Habitat offers more shade with its patented limb design and shade top.
  • MossBack Fish Habitat’s textured surfaces easily grow Periphyton making each structure a living piece of habitat.
  • The one-of-a-kind V-shaped limb offers two unique features:
    • The V-shape limb promotes sediment collection, additionally increasing Periphyton growth on the product.
    • The V-shape limb, along with its flexibility, significantly reduces angler snagging.
  • MossBack Fish Habitat offers many different product designs and functions for the goals that you have for your pond and/or fishery.
  • MossBack Fish Habitat assembles quickly making installation a manageable task.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable customer service makes it easy to do business with MossBack Fish Habitat.
  • Studies and observations have shown that when MossBack Fish Habitat is installed fish will often inhabit and utilize the structures immediately.

One of the main advantages of Mossback Fish Habitat is that it is easy to install and maintain. The structures are lightweight and can be placed in the water by hand or with a small boat. Once installed, the structures require little maintenance and can last for years. This makes it an ideal solution for anglers who want to improve the fishing in their favorite fishing spot. I have placed several of The John Godwin Signature Crappie Tower in one location and can catch multiple fish from them throughout the year!

One big advantage of Mossback Fish Habitat is that it attracts a variety of fish species. The structures provide a safe haven for smaller fish to hide from larger predators, and they also provide a place for larger fish to hunt for prey. This creates a diverse ecosystem that supports a variety of fish species, which can lead to better fishing opportunities for anglers.

In addition to supporting fish populations, Mossback Fish Habitat can also help to improve water quality. The structures provide a substrate for aquatic plants to grow on, which helps to filter the water and reduce sedimentation. This can improve the clarity of the water and create a healthier environment for fish and other aquatic life.

There are several ways to order, you can call Mossback Fish Habitat, at 479-751-4100 or visit It is also available at the following retail locations,,,,

Mossback Fish Habitat is an effective and innovative way to enhance fish habitat and promote healthy ecosystems. Mossback Fish Habitat brings the best customer service offering a pleasant customer experience. Additionally, Mossback Fish Habitat provides the highest quality and innovative products in the market. The experienced team at Mossback Fish Habitat offers expertise in all things habitat, offering a full product line of products to meet the habitat needs for pond and lake management, recreational fishing, HOA projects, and state agencies for all species. If you have a fish habitat need, Mossback Fish Habitat has you covered with products made to last a lifetime. It provides various benefits, from supporting fish populations and improving water quality to creating better fishing opportunities for anglers. If you’re interested in improving the fishing in your favorite spot, consider installing Mossback Fish Habitat and see the results for yourself.