Eye Hole Jig- The Scent Holder Jig

By: Matt Foster

If you like using Berkley PowerBait or Crappie Magnet Slab Bites, but get tired of them continually falling off the hook or having to replace them after each fish then the Eye Hole Jig is just what you need.

Blake and Resee Phillips of Dothan, Alabama started Eye Hole Jig two years ago. Blake said, “I came up with the idea when I was fishing with Resee. She was getting frustrated trying to get the nibbles to stay on her hook and quit using them.” Blake mentioned, “It seemed like we spent more time putting those things on than fishing and thought there had to be a better way.” Blake said, “I played around and figured out we could put them where the eye was, and the rest is history.”

If you haven’t seen or used them, Eye Hole Jig is a jig head with holes where the jig eye is. The holes allow the angler to put whatever scent they want in the eye socket of the jig. By putting the scent in the eye hole, it allows the scent to last longer than it normally would on the hook.

Due to the scent going into the jig head, it’s no longer coming off when casting and you don’t have to replace it after each fish you catch. Blake said, “We also do a unique finish on our jighead. It’s a polyester resin much like they use on crankbaits and gives them durability.” I asked Blake what his number one selling jig head was and he said, “It has to be our pink 1/16 ounce round head with a #4 hook.” Blake also mentioned that the Brandon Smith Tournament Series and light wire options are probably the most versatile Eye Hole Jig.

New products from Eye Hole Jig include a 1/24th ounce hair jig and a small Eye Hole Jig spinner bair with the Charlie Brewer’s Slider one inch grub combo, which they are in the process of putting out. Blake noted, “We also have a few items catered to bass fishermen in the works.

Visit their website at www.eyeholejig.com and Join the Revolution! Dealers wanting to obtain wholesale pricing can contact Blake at blake@eyeholejig.com.