Crappie Christmas Wishlist!

Christmas is almost here and if you haven’t yet, it’s time to start shopping for that crappie angler in your life! A lot of deals can be had this time of year, but more importantly, getting the right gear is vital to fishing success. I spoke to several avid crappie fishermen, guides, and tournament anglers to help break down must-have items by price for when you or that angler in your life hits the water in pursuit of crappie.


  • * Eye Hole Jig– Add scent & color by placing scent in the eye hole of the lure. Locking the scent in place, allows you to catch multiple fish on just one scent. Any scent can be used, but we recommend using Crappie Magnet Slab Bites as they last longer than other scents. You can purchase the Eye Hole Jig here,
  1. * Loc N Noc– Easily free your snagged lure! Position directly over the snagged lure. Insert the Line into the slot with the plastic knob facing up. Twist the knob clockwise to lock the line into place. Send the knocker down the line; keep the line tight until it makes an impact with the snagged lure. Reel in the lure and take off the knocker. Coming in at $8.99 this is definitely something every fisherman needs in their boat! You can purchase it here,
  • * Fin Spin– The shad dart shape creates a unique movement; the cup on the front forces water to the blade causing it to spin at slower speeds (as low as 0.3mph). The willow-shaped blade creates a smaller flash and less vibration that crappie and panfish like. This bait comes in the brightest colors with the jig eyes open and ready to fish. Priced at $3.99 for a 3-pack and $9.99 for an 11-pack these made great stocking stuffers! You can purchase it here,
  • * Slab Bites– Adding bait between the tails of a Crappie Magnet body increases the amount of bites you can get when fishing with the Crappie Magnet. We created a more durable bait to increase hits but stay on the hook. Try them out and see why our pro staff is so excited about these baits! Coming in at $2.99 these make a great choice and can be purchased here,

  • * Keychain Miniature Fishing Reel– A great gift idea for the person who fishes in your family! You’ll be amazed at the detail and quality. They actually spin! Priced at $5 how can you resist? It can be purchased here,

$10-$25 ITEMS

  • * Crappie Forever T-Shirt– White crew neck t-shirt that feels like a well-loved favorite t-shirt. It features our signature Crappie Forever logo small on the front left chest and our patriotic red, white, and blue crappie flag graphic on the back. Lightweight and breathable, this ultra-soft fabric is the perfect weight for summer. For $15 what better way to represent with some crappie swag! All proceeds go towards crappie research and tagging programs too! You can purcahse it here,

*Grizzly Jig Hat– What fisherman in your life doesn’t wear a hat? Grizzly Jig is a family-owned crappie superstore located in southeast, Missouri. This hat is a great gift for not only the adult fisherman in your life, but the kids too! Priced at $12.99 you can get it here,

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* B’n’M Little Lucy– Little Lucy will find a spot that no other rod can hold. It’s a 5-foot, 2-piece fiberglass honey that’s a handy alternative to longer, heavier rods. It’s perfect for tight spaces and Lucy makes bream fishing feel like you’re tangling with a Florida bass. It’s a great starter rod for your little fishing buddy, too! A great-looking rod, with an easy-visible gold finish and smooth-flowing guides. Priced at just $19.95 you won’t find a better rod at this price! You can purchase it here,

  • * Grizzly Jig Gift Certificate– This gift certificate to some may be an easy out, but what better way to let the angler in your life pick out exactly what they want to purchase! The gift certificate can be sent via email too so no in-store visit is necessary. With the price ranging from $10 to $50, this is sometimes the easiest gift and you can purchase it here,

$25-$100 ITEMS

  • * B’n’M 75 Combo– This is a 7.5′ rod made of Carbon Graphite Construction it has a great backbone and a fast sensitive tip with medium action! Smooth-casting alloy guides with gold inserts and frames. Suitable for 4-8 lb test line on the all-new 75 Series reel, 7+1 BB reel with a 4.9:1 gear ratio. The reel also has a reversible handle for right- or left-hand retrieve. Priced at $99.95 this rod/reel combo makes the perfect gift! You can purchase it here,
  • * Cornfield Fishing Gear 4 Pole Launch Pad– The 4 Pole Launch Pad is for quick deployment with close position or out-of-the-way vertical storage. This allows you to store four rods vertically in your boat for easy access! Priced at $74 this is a must-have for keeping rod organized in your boat! You can purchase it here,
  • * K9 Fishing Crappie Braid– Available in a 300-yard spool with both yellow and neon green colors. This is the same great line that brings unmatched castability, sensitivity, and impressive strength for a line the size of sewing thread. Priced at $24.99 this is without a doubt something that the fisherman in your life will appreciate! You can purchase this at,!/300-YARD-CRAPPIE-BRAID/p/448456523/category=121195252
  • * Engel Live Bait Cooler– This live bait cooler is perfect for that minnow fisherman in your life! Available in 7.5 quart, 13 quart, 19 quart, and 30 quart sizes! According to Wade at Grizzly Jig, the 19 quart is their top seller, but they also sell quite a few of the other sizes too! Wade also informed me that they are on sale right now and the 19-quart can be purchased for $78.99 either in-store or here,

  • * B’n’M Diamond Series– The Diamond Series Jig Pole is available in 8-, 10-, 12-, and 13-1/2-foot lengths. This jig pole is made from high-modulus graphite that provides a stiffer backbone and maintains tip sensitivity.  This perfectly balanced pole uses high-quality aluminum oxide frames with stainless steel inserts.  This is one of the best-looking rods on the market due to its gleaming royal blue color and silver accents along with its 100% carbon fiber handle. The 13.5′ is priced at $99 and can be purchased here,
  • * Cornfield Fishing Gear Graph Knobs– Made in the USA with stainless steel hardware, these heavy-duty graph knobs make tightening your graph down a breeze. They also look amazing! Priced at $40, they can be purchased here,

  • * Precision Fishing Design Cup Holder– This cup holder mounts on the side of your graph making your favorite beverage within reach and kept safe while fishing. These are made from powder-coated aluminum in the USA and pair great with their tool holder! Priced at $35 you can order it here,

$100-$250 ITEMS

  • * Crappie Monster Outlaw Landing Net– Matthew Outlaw Signature Series Landing Net 6’-12’ Adjustable Handle made of aluminum with a 20”x16” Removable Head and a silicon Net Bag to handle more weight.  Designed to be light-weight and durable for fishermen of all ages. The Outlaw is the perfect net for spider rigging or sniping bogies, with the live scope being adjustable. Priced at $109 the fisherman in your life will thank you that the big one didn’t get away! You can purchase it here,

  • * Millennium B-100 Seat– This seat is definitely one of the most comfortable seats on the market. It has lumbar support and folds flatter than its competitor’s seats. The breathable fabric keeps the seat cool and makes for fast drying after a spring rain! This seat is priced at $119.99 and can be purchased here,

  • * B’n’M Black Diamond– THE ULTIMATE LIVE IMAGING ROD! The all-new Black Diamond Jig Poles are the standard for live image enthusiasts! These rods feature IM6 Graphite, stainless steel guides, carbon fiber reel seat, and genuine Portuguese cork handle. The Black Diamond series features 2 sizes: 16ft/3pc and 18ft/3pc. The 18ft features a 3.2 counter-balance weighted handle for better balance and handling. Counterweight plates are removable to customize your balance. This rod is priced at $159.95 and can be purchased here,
  • * Hook and Bullet LightPro Sunglasses– These sunglasses were specifically designed to look at a graph, specifically live sonar. The lenses are 47% polarized so you don’t get polar blackout on your screen, but still get protection from the sun. The lenses have a gradient feature that allows you to see your screen more clearly, making it easy to put more fish in the boat! Priced at $150 up to $295, they can be purchased here,
  • * Mossback Fish Habitat Trophy Tree– The Trophy Tree is a great choice if you want to provide a fish sanctuary for your backyard pond or lake or create an ambush spot for sport and angler fishing! The open and flexible limb pattern provides plenty of undetected space for sport fish to hide and ambush prey while the rough textured V-shaped limbs promote sediment and plant growth to replicate the look and feel of natural cover and create a living piece of habitat. The Trophy Tree is priced at $134.99 and can be purchased here,
  • * Cornfield Fishing Gear Console Mount– The Console Mount is designed for multiple degrees of adjustment. The base plate knuckle rotates 360 degrees with several indents to lock in place. The top plate will rotate 30 degrees in either direction and is tapped for multiple depth finders. (Will not fit Helix 7) Helix 7 adaptor plate sold separately. Console mounts start at $225 and can be purchased,

$250-$500 ITEMS

  • * Mossback Fish Habitat John Godwin Tower- The John Godwin Signature Dock Crappie Tower provides you with the most fishable space on the market from a single dock product! Target baitfish and fry with the condensed limbs at the top of this product, while also providing an ambush point for your sportfish with the open-spaced limbs at the bottom of the structure. This is priced at $269.99 and can be purchased here,
  • * Norfin Extreme 5 Jacket- Jacket features 120+120 gram HOLLOFIL insulation when used in combination with Extreme 5 Liner (Liners sold separately) will keep you warm and comfortable in temperatures as low as -50°F. This is paired with their liner and Extreme 5 bibs makes a great gift for the winter angler. Priced at $249.99 it can be purchased here,

  • * Norfin Extreme 5 Bibs– Bibs features 200gram HOLLOFIL insulation and will keep you warm and comfortable in temperatures as low as -50°F (in combination with Extreme 5 parka and liner, sold separately). Priced at $249.99 these bibs and the Extreme 5 Jacket listed above will keep the angler in your life warm in the coldest of conditions! Order it here,

  • * Cornfield Fishing Gear Telescopic Short Swivel Mount– This mount swivels at the base to adjust for sun glare or position. It also telescopes up and down and is height adjustable. The telescoping tube can be removed from base. The mount is CNC machined aluminum with black anodize finish. Mounting plates fits all graphs except Helix 7 sold separately. All bolts are stainless steel allen head and deck mounting hardware is not included. Priced at $450 it can be purchased here,

$500 Plus ITEMS

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  • * MillerTech Lithium Deep Cycle Battery– Lithium Batteries contain no poisonous lead, and no acid, and do not create gases during charge, as traditional Lead-Acid batteries do. Compared to lead-acid, Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are also extremely lightweight, have a much lower self-discharge, do not sulfate, and are environmentally friendly. Priced at $799, it can be purchased here,

* Cornfield Fishing Gear Folding Mount– This mount is designed to fold down out of the way for a safe line of sight while traveling down the lake.  Folds down with a locking pin. For ultimate safety on the water, this is the mount you need for that angler in your life. Priced at $505, it can be purchased here,